With so many friend-of-a-friend disaster stories of African construction, we thought we could be in for a frustratingly futile effort, trying to get our building up, which will be used as a clinic and development hub for Maranatha Health. But alas, Uganda has surprised us once again, and left our patronising stereotypes of this place standing silently on the sidelines. Look at our amazing progress, brought to you by our building contractor who seemingly never sleeps!!

From the beginning.... our site.

Our hyperactive building contractor Alex - who we can never keep up with!

Digging, and me 'supervising'...

The slab - isn't our land beautiful?

We are almost at lock up stage now – the past few weeks they have put on the roofing and installed the doors and windows. Having to bargain for every bit of construction material that has ended  up on our site has meant we (especially Michael) has more insight into the construction than either of us thought possible.

Almost at roof level...


Look how far we’ve come now!

Starting to look like a clinic ward!

Now, we just have electricity, plastering, flooring and finishings to do! We’re almost there!!

4 responses to “Construction!

  1. Catherine Carr

    Looks wonderful! Very encouraging!

  2. Betty Windmill

    Dear Kim and Michael – Fantastic pictures of the Clinic – you must be so excited to see it progressing so well. Thanks very much for sending the piccies – great to see how it is all developing. Much love, NanaBet. XX

  3. WOW Kim and Michael- it all looks so fantastic!!! How exciting that after all these years of planning and prayer, you can finally SEE it coming to fruition. You guys are so inspiring! Hope all else is well with you too and your cheeky chooks aren’t giving you too much hassle 😉


    • Hi Loz, thanks for the encouragement and for keeping up with the blog… Yeah, we’re pretty excited too about the buildings being almost finished! Hope all is well with you in Oz. Hows the study going? xo

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